The Enviropig

Enviropig: Enviropig is a genetically enhanced line of Yorkshire pigs created with the ability of digesting plant phosphorus better than conventional Yorkshire pigs. These pigs produce the enzyme phytase which breaks down the indigestible phosphorus in the salivary glands that is secreted in the saliva. The enzyme phytase is introduced into the pig chromosome by pronuclear [microinjection]. With this enzyme, Enviropig is has the capability to digest cereal grain phosphorus, so there is nolonger a need to supplement the pigs diet with either phosphate mineralsor commercially produced phytase, yielding less phosphorus in the manure.

Enviropig has many beneficial attributes; it reduces feeds costs because farmers do not need to purchase special feed for their pigs which include the phytase, and reduces the potential of water pollution. As high concentrations of phosphorus in streams cause an outbreak in algae, because phosphorus is the major nutrient which enables algae to grow well. The increase in algae population decreases how much oxygen there is in the waters resulting in dead zones for fish because the algae growth depletes the waters oxygen. This beneficial attribute would not only be advantageous for the waters surrounding the pigs, but also for the water neighboring the areas which use the manure for fertilizers.


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