Advantages of cloning

Advantages of Cloning

1. Benefits to modern medicine:-  Even today, the full potential of stem cells has not been fully explored. The issue of stem cells has led to controversy because embryos are generally used and they have to be destroyed for the cells to be used. However, a number of researchers believe that stem cells will eventually change the face of medicine as we know it. Given the fact that the cells can be manipulated to mimic other types of cells, this can provide new ways to treat diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s.

2. Animals can be used for a supply of organs for transplant:- Cloning also offers hope to persons needing organ transplants. People requiring organ transplants to survive an illness often wait years for a suitable donor. In many cases these patients die waiting, as there are long lists of people requiring organs. Theoretically, cloning could eliminate this by producing more animals that can act as suitable donors. Pig livers have been successfully transplanted to human beings, as an interim measure until a human liver is found. Additionally, cloning of these animals not put a burden on the world’s food supply.

3. Infertile couples can have children:- The infertile through cloning have the chance to have a child of their own. Infertile women can have their own babies with the help of this technique by implantion of the cloned babies into their bodies. This can eliminate the mental and  physical pains among the infertile couples.

4. Reverse the process of aging:- Cloning is being touted as a future answer to reverse the effects of aging.  The anti-aging market is a prime target because it is already a multibillion industry.

5. Prevent animals from becoming extinct or endangered- Despite the best efforts of conservationists worldwide, some species are nearing extinction. The successful cloning of Dolly represents the first step in protecting endangered wildlife.

6. Improve food supply:- Clones of animals and plants can be more resistant to diseases and of better quality. Cloning could provide a means of cultivating plants that are stronger and more resistant to diseases, while producing more. The same could happen to livestock as well where diseases such as foot and mouth disease could be eradicated.  Cloning could therefore effectively solve the world’s food problem and minimize or possible eradicate starvation.



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