Disadvantages of Cloning

Disadvantages of Cloning

1. Unethical – Unethical as people feel that it is a violation of basic human ethics. Those who oppose to cloning feel that scientists are “playing God” by creating a living thing.  There is a potential for abuse.  If human cloning became a reality what checks and balances would be put in place to prevent abuse? Would scientists go overboard with the technology? If a couple has a clone that they are not happy with, what would they do next? These are all questions that must be raised in any discussion on cloning. Some have expressed the view that clones could be grown in a farm-like fashion simply for harvesting organs or stem cells. The potential for devaluing human life cannot be ignored.

2. Uncertainty – Uncertainty as to how the clone will turn out. Often the clone turns out unhealthy, stillborn or severely disabled.  Also, while the cloning of Dolly was seen as a success story, many embryos were destroyed before the desired result was achieved. The process started with 277 eggs, and Dolly was the single successful outcome. Regardless of success in other areas, the field of cloning still has a long way to go. Infertile couples for example, could go through the same heartache as they would if in vitro fertilization failed.

3. Inherit Diseases – Clones inherit diseases of the original copy.  Cloning creates a copy of the original. A human clone would therefore inherit the genetic traits of its predecessor. This includes genetic abnormalities and diseases. Dolly the sheep for example exhibited signs of what some suggested were premature aging, although this was firmly denied by her ‘developers’.



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