Genome-Wide Analysis of DNA Methylation and Gene Expression Changes in Two Arabidopsis Ecotypes and Their Reciprocal Hybrids

By: Huaishun Shen, Hang He, Jigang Li, Wei Chen, Xuncheng Wang, Lan Guo, Zhiyu Peng, Guangming He, Shangwei Zhong, Yijun Qi,William Terzaghi and Xing Wang Deng

Heterosis is a fundamental biological phenomenon characterized by the superior performance of a hybrid over its parents in many traits, but the underlying molecular basis remains elusive. To investigate whether DNA methylation plays a role in heterosis, we compared at single-base-pair resolution the DNA methylomes of Arabidopsis thaliana Landsberg erecta and C24 parental lines and their reciprocal F1 hybrids that exhibited heterosis. Both hybrids displayed increased DNA methylation across their entire genomes, especially in transposable elements. Interestingly, increased methylation of the hybrid genomes predominantly occurred in regions that were differentially methylated in the two parents and covered by small RNAs, implying that the RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM) pathway may direct DNA methylation in hybrids. In addition, we found that 77 genes sensitive to methylome remodeling were transcriptionally repressed in both reciprocal hybrids, including genes involved in flavonoid biosynthesis and two circadian oscillator genes CIRCADIAN CLOCK ASSOCIATED1and LATE ELONGATED HYPOCOTYL. Moreover, growth vigor of F1 hybrids was compromised by treatment with an agent that demethylates DNA and by abolishing production of functional small RNAs due to mutations in ArabidopsisRNA methyltransferase HUA ENHANCER1. Together, our data suggest that genome-wide remodeling of DNA methylation directed by the RdDM pathway may play a role in heterosis.


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