Plant Hybrids

Plant hybrids are the offspring of two plants of different breeds within a single species, produced through human manipulation for certain genetic characteristics.

Above is a short video about Australia’s hybrid plants.

This flow of genetic material between different plants is known as hybridisation.

Since plants can be hybridised by humans easily without much work, they are often created by humans to produce improved plants. Not only could the fruits, seeds and other parts of the hybrid plant be of higher quality, the hybrid plant could also possibly have a higher resistance to diseases and changes in weather. The growth rate and appearance of the plant are also affected such that the petals of the flower could be of different colours than that of the parent plants.

Currently, plant breeders are working with hybrids to produce more disease-resistant and “pretty” plants mainly for agricultural and horticultural purposes.

Most plant hybrids are stronger and better than both parent plants as the hybrid has the most desirable characteristics from both parent plants. This phenomenon is called heterosis.


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